Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I am Fit for Him First ♥

I think we all know that the hardest part of change, is the first step. And what is even harder is to take that first step with Christ leading.  We desire to control our own path, but in doing so we try to play God.

Here is a little something I've learned recently; taking the step with Christ leading, a faith step, is actually easier, because when you trust in him, even through adversity he WILL get you to the best place for you.  He always has our best interest at heart ♥  The impossible becomes possible, and the unbearable becomes bearable.

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13)

At times, I wish that my journey to a fit and healthier me which began some 6 years ago, was with me allowing Him to lead.  Instead I fought his pull toward Him.  It really wasn't until a few months ago that I surrendered to his ways, not mine. When my "original" journey to a healthy me (physically, mentally and spiritually) began years ago,  I could only imagine what it would have been like if I had allowed Christ to be in the drivers seat and how more productive my life may have been in those years. 

BUT - one thing I've learned is that God has a purpose in everything we do.  Because my journey was not an easy one in those years, it has given me a testimony, resources and the heart of compassion and humility to help others push through similar hardships I've endured.  

When I started to become fit, I necessarily wasn't looking at how the changes I was making in my life could have helped others, it was done purely for me, selfishly and with my own agenda. My outlook on fitness, didn't even have to do with health benefits in mind, but how it would impact me in regards to how "others" viewed me.  I didn't do it with a heart for Christ, but with a heart for me.  

Sure, losing weight and having the attitude and appearance that life was improving can build self confidence but it's was a temporary fix.  It wasn't until I worked on healing my past hurts and years of damage to my heart, that I was able to learn to accept who I was.  Before that, no matter what I saw in the mirror, always reflected a person who was never good enough.  I always saw an ugly woman on the outside, and I felt even uglier inside.

As I begin this blog about my continued journey to a fit me, I hope you can take some positiveness from it, with Christ leading the path. Let him direct you and know that what you do for yourself (in health and fitness) can be done for his glory!

I will be sharing some of my achievements, not for personal praise and glory, but as a reminder to myself and others that what I was able to do and get where I am today is ONLY because of Him. His love, grace, compassion, and heart for me to do my best was always his motive, even when I turned a deaf ear to Him.  I hope sharing my struggles along with my accomplishments will show how I found that all things are possible, through and because of Him.

Today I'm a healthy 148 pound 40 year old Woman of Faith......learning to become comfortable in my own skin. I don't do it perfectly, but I do know I am perfectly made in his image


  1. So very very happy you decided to return to the Lord. I know it will change your life and I know something special is waiting for you. I still remember Clint, your Junior High Minister telling me because you are walking with the Lord he has something good in stored for you.Sometimes we just can't see it because its in God's time. The love you have for the Lord will get you through anything you encounter. I am so blessed to have a beautiful,wonderful and etc etc daughter like you. My list would of been so long to describe you...Love Mom

  2. ♥ Thank you mamasita. Your support in where God is placing me is priceless.