Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Transforming into Spiritual, Mental and Physical Fitness

To transform requires continuous work and effort.  It means you must keep a realistic assessment of your behaviors, habits, actions, speech, thinking and stop making excuses!

Whether it's trying to lose weight, improve your skills in a particular sport, become a better parent, student or employee, become more knowledgeable in a subject or like myself, who is trying to do my best to become more like Christ, you have to "own up" when you slip up and make the choice to transform.

When I mess up, I tend to feel a sense of guilt, which is actually a good sign.  That feeling of guilt has become a trigger for me, that something needs my attention and most likely is something that needs to change.  Once I realize I slipped up, and can feel the guilt of my actions, I try very hard not to allow myself stay stuck in that feeling of guilt for too long, or allow myself to condemn myself for the way I behaved, the negative thoughts that may have entered my mind, or how I may have spoke poorly toward someone.  I am human.  I will mess up.  I will hurt others. BUT - if I genuinely repent, ask to be forgiven, and move on with the thought pattern of changing my behavior/reactions in the future ~ I'm guaranteed to continue transforming positively.

I also understand that being human, isn't my "Free Pass" to continue to act in a poor  manner, justify my actions or make excuses for why I may have acted or reacted toward a situation.  We have been given this gift of "free will" and with that, have the choice of, what we do and say OR what we don't do and don't say.  

How I see transformation ~
 "An object that changes in appearance by continuous work and effort. It does not always mean to change in the physical sense but also to change internally. Internal transformation could be in the form of behavior, attitude, habit, speech, thinking or the deterioration of the object due to the lack of work and effort."

For example, if I had a potty mouth and made the choice to no longer swear, that is transformation.  A person who, when they become stressed goes out on a shopping spree, and decides the next time they are stressed instead of shopping, they are going to take a walk to cool off, that is transformation.  A person who always comments negatively whenever anything is spoken to them, who decides that they are going to make a conscience effort to say something nice as a response, that is transformation. A person who decides to live morally regardless of the outcome, and stick with their decision, that is transformation. If we choose to eat fast food every day we are bound to create health issues in a negative manner, that is transformation in a direction we probably do not want to go.

Sure, you can paint a room in your house a dramatically different color and get the reaction of,  "Wow, what a transformation" but eventually, over time it looses it's WOW factor because the color fades.  If we do not take the time to care and continuously keep up what we are working towards it will deteriorate. Everything within us and around us needs maintenance.  

People have the ability to continuously transform throughout life through God but we must choose to do so.  

When I began losing weight some 8 years ago, for those who knew me then, weighing 205+ pounds and then saw me at what I am today, saw a huge physical transformation.  Outwardly it was "WOW, you look great!" and it felt good to hear those compliments, but what people couldn't see was what I was holing on to in the inside. The only transformation that occurred at that time was the superficial transformation.  The 145 person I was didn't feel any differently than the girl who weighed 205.  It wasn't until I began making an internal transformation that people really were able to see the difference in who I had become - Positive. Radiant. Genuine. Alive. Peaceful. Confident.

In people, superficial physical transformation will not last if you don't take care of  the inside.  Eventually it will deteriorate because the garbage (resentment, anger, bitterness, envy, pride, etc.) you hold on to inside will eventually seep out or destroy you from the inside out. A person can be gorgeous looking on the outside but the ugliness of their personality or behaviors and habits can destroy that beauty.

When true transformation occurs, there will be a shine about that person. Their smile will not only look genuine, it will be genuine.  They learn to be honest with others.  They can stand up for their beliefs.  They can say how they feel in a loving manner.  When they help and love others, it's without resentment or looking for anything in return.

The series my pastor recently finished teaching was on transformation.  He describes us as once being a little green worm with the ability to transform into a beautiful butterfly that can spread our wings and reach whatever potential we choose. That is the thing, I CHOOSE to transform.  Is it scary?  Yes! Sometimes I don't know if today is the day I will fall. But I do not want to live in fear. If I do fall, I will also find the strength and courage to rise!  Will I run into obstacles?  Absolutely!  But why not allow those obstacle serve as a tool to learn?  And in learning, I can share with others how to overcome  those hurdles.

Isn't life meant to be lived?  Do we really want to remain the same our entire life?  I know I don't. I want to challenge myself each day. Some days I will fail.  That is okay, it does not make me a failure.  Some days I will achieve what I'm striving for.  Great!  I can share my knowledge with others passing along hope and encouragement to keep them striving for their goals!

Because I depend on God to guide my path every day of my life, I owe it to him to become FIT for Christ.  Fit physically. Fit spiritually. Fit to help others by providing them with endless words of encouragement, support, guidance and love

Initially I thought that transforming was a goal to achieve, but goals are temporary.

My transformation is a life long and eternal. Therefore, it is a purpose in my life. A purpose to become transformed into someone who mirror's Christ.  I know I will not do it perfectly, but I will give it all I have, with him as the center of my life.   I don't think it's unrealistic, for myself or anyone.

♥ Transform your mind and the heart will follow, but you must CHOOSE to transform ♥
Start here and you can become FIT one step at a time. As it was taught at a church service, we can transform by ~ "Putting off the Old", "Renewing your Mind" and "Put on a New Program".  This is how I intend to stay FIT for Christ spiritually, mentally and physically each day. 

The road to transformation is never easy. We have to break away from negative habits, thoughts, and behaviors, but through the love and grace of Jesus Christ all things are possible through him who gives me strength.  From 2005 to 2012 I had to learn to love myself from the inside out and each day I must continue to practice the changes I've made. Transformation of your mind is never ending.

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  1. Beautiful written my lovely daughter. Love Mom