Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Update #1 - 30 Day Challenge

Update #1 - Plan & Preparation 

So did we take the time to set up a plan?  What about workout goals for the week?  Are you eyes set upon your destination?

If you are curious as to what my nutrition and workout plan looks like you can use the link below. 

30 Day CHALLENGE - Nutrition & Workout Plan 

This is what works for me. You will notice there are several repetitive meals.  I find that it makes preparation simple. I view food as fuel and not for pleasure. Use whatever tools you need to help motivate yourself. 

My start date will be April 17th.  You can start today, tomorrow, just START!

I've chosen to delay my start date because the last several days I've been challenged with some tough decisions in my life that have required me to place my energy on getting closer to Christ, which requires my free time to be spend in the Word, in community and in stillness. I need to renew my mind, assess my feelings, and seek God. So for the next 7 days, that is what I intend to do.
Look for my update next week Tuesday or Wednesday with measurements, weight, a before photo (maybe) and some encouraging words. One day at a time.  Be present in the NOW! If you are starting today remember that you can do this.  

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