Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Update #4 - 30 Day Challenge - Week 2

Seven Days COMPLETE!

It's been a rough seven days. My first workout and diet change began on Monday, even though my public post challenge began Wednesday. I've completed the first week of Insanity and Monday began week two. 

My body was ridiculously sore four days after starting my first workout!  I had initially planned to do AM workouts in addition to my PM workouts but, the little voice from my trainer echoed in my head, "Listen to your body", so I made the decision to allow my body to recover and repair by resting and getting the sleep I needed. The biggest struggle I've encountered as week one has ended have been the cravings for sweets (Frozen Yogurt with those yummy toppings) and the other foods I've allowed myself to indulge in over the last several months (bread, chips, french fries, burgers loaded with cheese, pancakes - you get the picture).

In addition to my Insanity workouts this past week, I've also logged in soccer time as I participated in a co-ed soccer tournament in Santa Cruz over the weekend. Soccer has always been my first love when it comes to sports, followed by Triathlons. Between 2011 and 2012 I've completed several different triathlon distance races (Half Iron, Olympic, Sprint). In 2012 I completed my first full distance Ironman triathlon with Team in Training.  You can read about that adventure on my "I am IronTy" blog. 

As week two begins you may find it easier planning/adjusting your meals and workouts if necessary.  If you need an extra rest day or two, TAKE IT! This was necessary for me as I took Monday and Tuesday off, especially after seven straight days of workouts. As the weeks progress you will know what does and does not work. Additionally, you will learn to know when your body needs rest. One day this past week I came home from work and slept for two hours before I did my workout. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

Two adjustments I will make this week is (1) drink more water and (2) after workouts, have a protein shake.  Water helps your muscles recover and grow. Engaging muscles that have not been used in quite some time, lack of water and a the intake of a proper recovery drink after each workout I'm sure contributed to my extra soreness.

An additional hicup I encoutered this week was a similar feeling I encountered during my Ironman training. During Ironman training weekends workouts were extremely steneous and when Monday's rolled around I found myself insanely hungry which can lead to poor eating choices, overindulging with junk food or eating whatever you want because you think you deserve it. After all you worked your buns off, right? Wrong! That mentality is a sure way to defeat all your hard work.

This last weekend I played three soccer games on Saturday and one Sunday morning and then did an insanity workout Sunday evening.  So as Monday came around it seemed like no matter how much I ate, I was still hungry.  The obstacle I faced was just wanting to eat whatever I saw in front of me.  I consumed 400 more calories over my daily goal.  Because I've stayed below my goal all week I allowed myself to eat, not junk food, although I did treat myself to a couple caramel wafers. You have to be smart in your decisions and get right back on track if you slip up or allow yourself a cheat. Be kind to yourself and give yourself a little grace. 

As I continue this challenge I've also began reading, S.H.A.P.E. ~ Finding and fulfilling your unique purpose for life.  Working out my body and eating healthy will do me no good if I do not also workout my mind and heart, filling it with God's presence. Below are a couple passages from the book that stuck in my head ~

When we let trends guide our life, we simply are living to fit into the current styles of the world. When we let others tell us what we should be doing, we are living to please them and win their approval.  However, when we let God's truth define our Kingdom Purpose, submitting to his authority and desiring to please only him, we are able to lead a life of lasting significance, fulfillment and Kingdom impact.

You were not created to conform. You were not created to compare. You were not created to compete. You were not created to compromise. You were created to contribute to God's kingdom and make a significance difference with your life. You were created to JUST BE YOU!

Accepting who we are can be difficult, but if we can accept who we are in Christ it becomes easier.  He formed us to be exactly how we are, with the silly quirks and with the little imperfections we see in ourselves.  Through this challenge I only hope to inspire people to seek something outside of themselves and draw the strength of Christ toward them to give them the desire and will to become the SHAPE He intended you to be!

As we embark on week two, I  encourage you to do what is comfortable, but also challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone.  Don't push to the point of injury, but push yourself to feel a little pain.

Next week I will have an update of my progress which will include measurements and photos.  Monday will mark day 15 of Insanity and I will do the Fit Test again, comparing results.

You can view my 30 Day CHALLENGE - Nutrition & Workout Plan by clicking the link. 

As week one is completed, I'm excited to report that I logged 459 minutes of workout time and found mental and physical strength in the body God has blessed me with.  As I sweat, feel pain, breath hard I thank Him for my life and giving me another day to glorify Him! Onward Week Two! 

And if you haven't started ...... Start Today!  A week behind is better than another week not started!

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