Tuesday, July 23, 2013

FINAL UPDATE - 30 Day Challenge - Week 6

I would love to say I finished off this challenge with a BANG, but I can only say that I finished it trying to encourage others to press forward and not give up!

 I was not physically able to finish my insanity program.  This left me with feelings of frustration, discouragement, sadness and anger. I allowed all those feelings to process and when I had enough strength to stop feeling sorry for myself, I dusted myself off, took a deep breath and told myself, "Tyza, God has a plan for you.  You must remain faithful and trust in Him."

After my half marathon on July 14th, I had extreme pain and swelling of my left ankle the next day and days to follow. This wasn't anything new for me.  It had been something I've lived with for years by sucking up the pain, taking anti inflammatory and pain medication, icing and elevating my ankle.  After chatting with a friend she recommended  a sports medicine doctor she used in the past.  I had procrastinated getting my ankle checked out for some time.  I had originally told myself I would have the large lump on my ankle looked at after my Ironman last year.  But, I let life keep me busy and because I thought my workouts had not been as intense, the pain didn't feel unbearable and I dreaded the financial burden it would put on me, I kept putting it off.

I was fortunate enough to get an appointment on Thursday . After Dr. Jeffrey Blue of PTR Sports looked at my ankle, an x-ray was ordered.  There were no signs of fractures but thinning in one area.  The doctor said the only way to be certain what was going on with my ankle was to have an MRI, so it was scheduled for the next morning.  Until then, NO INSANITY and NO RUNNING, doctor's orders! Man Oh man, was that difficult. This was the fourth day of no insanity after already completing three weeks!  Even though I often had pain, I've always been able to work out after allowing the my ankle to rest up for a few days.

Feeling pretty bummed, I knew I needed to release some of my negative energy.  The words of my personal trainer came to mind..."We can modify your workout."  I often went to him with my sore ankle and he always found a way for me to get a great cardio workout in without putting stress on it.  So that evening, I hit communication hill stairs.

The remainder of the week was met with highs and lows.  Highs of thinking I can still encourage those to work toward their goals and lows of not being able to participate in a few upcoming races, especially this weekend's Wharf to Wharf. I will still attend the race, but I will not finish it with a PR as I had hoped.  I continued to press forward by getting a couple workouts in when my ankle felt strong.  I did communication hill stairs a second time last week as well as hiked Mission Peak. I may have restrictions, but I'm not totally out of the game.

The results from my Friday morning MRI didn't sound so good as my doctor called me later that afternoon with words like, "Synovium, PNVS, Arthritis and you need to see a surgeon to clean out the junk".  After doing a little "goggling" and reading the write up on the MRI it appears there is a possibly I could have a rare and uncommon tissue disease. I'm not going to elaborate too much at this point, but hopefully I will be able to share this new journey with others once I see the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday.

I did allow myself a cheat day on Saturday night, as I enjoyed a much needed dinner date with my daughter. She always is good company, we always have a good laugh and she always brings a smile to my face. 

I slightly fell off the nutrition wagon as I struggled maintaining a healthy eating pattern this last week.  Feeling lousy was a big contributor and it's something I need to work on so that I don't give in to emotional eating going forward.  I am more than ever determined to get back on track.

However any of you finished this challenge, remember if you began it, you are that much farther than you were a month ago!  Every step counts in your progress.  The challenge is TO NOT GIVE UP! We will always be faced with obstacles but they don't have to be the end to it all.

I will be back to take on Insanity again!  It is definitely a goal of mine!  And once I have a better understanding of what my future looks like in terms of workouts, I'm sure I will come up with another challenge.  I'm already brainstorming on low impact workouts.

Thank you to those who challenged themselves to get out of their comfort zone.  Be proud of the step forward you took.  It's scary.  It's hard. But it is totally worth it!

To Be Continued...........

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