Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Update #5 - 30 Day Challenge - Week 3

Week 2 was a BUST. What I thought was fatigue from my weekend soccer tournament turned out to be a bug that kept me on the sidelines all week with a sight fever, stuffy sinuses and body aches.  Even though I felt better Friday, I decided to rest until my 10k race on Sunday.

The last time I laced up my running shoes to actually - RUN - was April 7th which was my last 10k (6.2 miles).  Sunday marked my second 10k of the year and to my surprise I didn't do so bad.  My official finish time was 1:02:19.  According to my Garmin I think the course was a bit short of 6.2 as it recorded a total distance of 5.92.  Regardless, this was an encouraging accomplishment for me as I ran non-stop for 62 minutes. Additionally, it was done pain free, cramp free and I found joy in every stride as I listened to my praise music, prayed and enjoyed my surroundings the entire way!

Running with my Loves at The SJ Sharks Fitness Faceoff 2013 ~ June 30, 2013

Listening to my body and allowing it to get the necessary rest it needed to recover and heal itself did me good.  The day after my race I had very little soreness.

During the past week I found myself frustrated.  I felt awful but also knew the commitment I had made not only to myself but others in this challenge. BUT - I didn't beat myself up.  I resigned to the fact that this week went as it should.  I found a very encouraging post on Facebook Saturday night from Fitness Coach,  Angela Zapien of Pink Ladies Boot Camp, who didn't meet her running goal for the month of June and she had such a positive attitde about it and that attitude helped me get out of the mental rut I put myself in.  After reading her post, I dusted myself off and started fresh!

As we enter week three of this challenge, week two will be a RE-DO for me.  I didn't workout Monday and started week two of insanity yesterday.  I will post results, measurements and pictures on next week's blog. Week two's nutrition and workout log has been updated with nutrition results and as workouts are not completed I write the word "NONE" in those fields.  I will be adding an additional week on the log and it will go through week five. If you are interested in seeing the log, it can be located on the below link:

30 Day CHALLENGE - Nutrition & Workout Log

Stay Encouraged.  Don't lose Focus. Don't lose Hope. Remain Positive.

We all encounter obstacles and usually those obstacles make us want to give up more than keep going. Love yourself by moving forward. Don't fall back into old behaviors and habits.  When that little voice says quit, find someone to help you stay on track!  For me, this Blog has been my accountability partner.  Change is difficult and I'm still struggling.  Nutrition is probably harder than the workouts and although my nutrition isn't as strict as it has been in the past, it has improved greatly from what I had been eating over the last 6 months.  It's difficult to wean your body off foods that can be addictive.

Remember, give yourself grace.  Any challenge will be difficult but don't be so hard on yourself that you want to quit.

GOALS ~ As I begin week week three I've made a couple of goals. (1) To PR my 2013 race results on my next 10k race, which will be at the end of this month.  I'll be participating in my first Wharf to Wharf race on July 28th.  Time to Beat - 00:59:59.077.  This means in addition to my Insanity schedule, I need log in some running miles. (2) For the next two weeks (part of a commitment in my bible study), I will wake up 20 minutes earlier each day to spend one on one time with God. 

As I continue to transform my mind, I get a much different feeling of joy in my workouts.  Before my workouts were about ME which led to very prideful behavior. Today I'm studying on how to remove those prideful behaviors and feelings since it consumed me more than I wanted to admit. I look forward to the next week as God continues to work in my life and as I find a new purpose, joy and peace in sharing this journey with others.

Keep your eyes forward and don't look back at the past.  Let go of the old life and embrace the new you. 

Set Goals. Make Plans. JUST DO IT!

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