Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Update #6 - 30 Day Challenge - Week 4

Bye Bye Belly?

As I completed week two of Insanity I have to say that I am feeling stronger. The exercises that I struggled with on day one are now doable.  I still have yet to complete an entire video without resting, but being able to do more push ups, suicide jumps along with all of Shaun T's other crazy moves, has been a real victory in my eyes!

And as promised I took new pictures, new measurements and new Fit Test results.  Every two weeks the Insanity program has you repeat the Fit Test to show your progress. It's exciting to see positive results (with the exception of one exercise). As for the my weight, I show that I gained a pound and my measurements mostly remained the same BUT I do see a small difference in the waist/belly area.

Day 1                   Day 14  
Day 1                   Day 14

Day 1                   Day 14
Day 1                   Day 14

If you don't enjoy what you are doing even through the pain and fatigue you won't get the results you seek.  Have a heart of thankfulness and gratitude.  We are blessed to have the opportunity to do what others can not.  INSPIRE others.  ENCOURAGE one another.  When the workout is over......
As I entered week two of insanity, I was able to continuously do the workout longer before I needed to rest and I did not feel as fatigue as I did after week one.  I can feel my core getting stronger and it is noticeable, not necessarily in appearance but, in my ability to stabilize during some of the stretches along with my ability to hold a steady position during some of the plank exercises and complete more repetitions that required you to really engage your core. 

As I continue this challenge, I felt it necessary to push myself outside of my mental and physical comfort zone. I added a day of stair work at "Communication Hill Stairs" in San Jose.  I was able to get in a total of 4 miles that included 6x up and down the stairs and two laps around the complex.

Additionally, I took the plunge to push myself even further and quit making excuses as to why I think I'm not capable of running anything over 6 miles. What was the best way to do this?  By signing up for my 1st Half Marathon race of 2013 with an "I CAN" attitude!

Sunday, July 14th whether I walk, run or do a walk/run combination, I will do this!  My hope is to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and change the negative way of thinking that puts unrealistic limits on what we CAN do.  Unless we try, we will never know which only limits our abilities.  I initially set a time limit to finish this race within the 2 hour 30 minute mark but, the more I thought about placing the importance of "time" on this race, I realized the importance of this race was to enjoy my ability to run and finish this race with a heart of gratitude and thankfulness.  Often times things such as this we tend to take for granted.  We have been blessed to be given the freedom to make a choice to DO and take the opportunity to ACT upon it, something thousands of people do not.

So, what about you? What can you do this week to get your of your comfort zone?  How can you challenge yourself?  Eat healthier?  Show an act of kindness to someone?  Sign up for something you thought you would never do?  Give up something pleasurable for a few days?

Well, that brings me to the next challenge for this week.  After this week's blog is posted, I will be doing a 3 day fast from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Internet and Television.  I will only use the internet for work purposes, bible study and updating my nutrition & workout plan which can be be viewed on the below link:

30 Day CHALLENGE - Nutrition & Workout Plan

This 3 day fast will allow me time to renew my mind with things that are wholesome and helpful in my growth to transforming my mind and growing closer to God. I think it will also give me good insight on how I use my free time" and discover better ways to utilize it.

As I continue to read S.H.A.P.E and discovering my spiritual gifts I see how important it is to hone in on those gifts and share them with those I interact with.

"God's word says ALL the parts of the body of Christ depend on each other." 

As a child of God I've been given spiritual gifts.  After a short evaluation that the book offered, I've found that my strongest gifts show to be that of the gifts of Pastoring/Shepherding, Mercy, Encouraging and  Helps.  Now that I've narrowed down what my gifts are, it's my responsibility to put them into action. 

This blog and challenge is only the beginning in using those gifts.  I seek to encourage, inspire and show others that we have the ability to become confident, strong, and victorious in life.  For myself, this life is just the training ground for my life in God's Kingdom. ♥ Don't settle for anything less that what God has purposed your life for, and as a Facebook friend whom I've never met says quite often in her posts....ONWARD!! 

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