Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Update #7 - 30 Day Challenge - Week 5

Jungle Run 2013 - Always Finish with a SMILE!

It was a painful 13.1 miles yet peaceful  That is how I can describe my first 1/2 Marathon of 2013.

The nagging ankle injuries I've sustained from years of soccer was the only barrier I faced on Sunday. Even though most of the race I felt pain, there was also peace in my run. When I reached the 10k mark I knew I still had another six miles to go so I decided not push to hard because at one point when I tried to run faster, as my heel hit the pavement the pain became to great.  Besides, this race wasn't about a PR on my time, but about finishing.  It was about meditating, prayer and feeling the presence of Christ. 

Two days later my ankle is still quite sore, swollen and warm to touch.  Plyometric type exercises have always put a an enormous amount of stress on my ankle and I knew that running on it, already feeling sore and tender could possibly result in what I'm dealing with these last few days.

The course was awesome.  I loved the variety of scenery.  From the city streets, to a park setting as we traveled on the path of Vasona Park, to a dirt roads on Los Gatos Creek Trail. To my surprise there were several small elevation climbs that went unnoticeable until it was time to begin running down them.  Overall, it was an awesome run, mostly because the time seemed to fly by.  I kept my focus on the beauty of my surroundings and my ability to keep moving through the pain.

With one week of insanity to go in this 30 Day Challenge, I'm excited to share that I have completed several goals over these last few weeks.

1. I've completed three weeks of insanity.  I opted to skip my Sunday workout because I had the half marathon run.  I also chose to skip Monday and Tuesday's workout to give my ankle additional rest and am hoping it will feel good enough to do a workout today.

2.  I completed a 3-Day Media Fast.  This gave me time to reflect and grow closer to Christ.

3.  I completed my 14-Day morning and evening readings with God.

4.   I continue to read my S.H.A.P.E. book and am finding how to narrow down my gifts so that I can better serve my creator and others!

5.  I saw small results in my FIT Test and measurement analysis. I will do another FIT Test on 7/29 with results and photo's posted.  I will also continue the insanity program for another 5 weeks after this challenge is finished.

6.  I FINISHED a half marathon as I ran 98% of the way. I stopped once to use the restroom and walked on one part of a tanbark path that I found to be unstable for my ankle. It was a great course with a few hills and gradual climbs along a very scenic path.

I hope that during the last few days of this 30-Day Challenge - Nutrition & Workout Plan you will do something out of your comfort zone or be inspired to start something new.  It doesn't have to be anything radical, just take a step forward!

In the end, through it all, I continue to find myself smiling and with that I have a sense of fulfillment with God by my side.  In Him and through Him, I can do anything under any circumstance, smile and find joy in it.  He was my running partner and he never left my side.  That is where my peace came from on Sunday's run....In Him!


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  1. I am amazed of your transformation. I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. I have God to thank for all these wonderful things happening to you. Love Mom